Radar,  RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification), Wireless Communication etc.


 Radar Signal Processing


 Radar Signal has information of radar targets. The target informaiton are scattering centers and resonance frequencies. Our research focus on these information extraction via ISAR image, SAR image, range profile and feature extraction algorithms such as EP-based CLEAN, PSO-based CLEAN, etc. These information are used for NCTR(Non-Cooperative Target Recognition).

<Motion compensated ISAR using CWT>

<SAR image after Azimuth extrapolation>   

<RCS Calculation>

<Scattering Center extraction >



 Radar System Design


 Another topic of our Lab in the area of radar is radar system design. In our Lab, AREPS and EREPS are used for system design. We also compare our results with Blake chart which is the theoretical method based on radar equation.






 RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification) is the process and physical infrastructure which the information is trasfered via radio frequency waves. The RFID is composed of Reader and Tag. Our reseach focus on the RTLS(Real-Time Location System) reader. The location of tags is extracted by array signal processing such as MUSIC, root-MUSIC and SPECC(Signal Parameter Extraction via Component Cancellation)



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