Radar,  RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification), Wireless Communication etc.





[1] Development of radar-based diagnosis method for blade imbalance rotation of floating wind turbine, 2021.06.01~2024.05.31 (3 years), National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF)

[2] Development of the real-time state estimation algorithm of the wind turbine blade using dynamic RCS and deep learning, 2019.05.01~2021.10.31 (2 years 6 months), principal role, KEPCO Research Institute

[3] Study on the remote monitoring system for wind farms using two-dimensional radar image,  2018. 06.01~2021.05.31(3 years), Principal role, National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF)

[4] A Study on Maneuvering Models and Radar Signal Analysis of a Ultra-High Speed and Rapid Maneuvering Target, 2017.05.01~2019.10.31 (2 years 6 months), participating role, DAPA/ADD

[5] A study on the electro-magnetic interference in the congested shipboard environment for designing integrated mast, 2017.05.01~2019.10.31 (2 years 6 months), principal role, DAPA/ADD

[6] EM Numerical Analysis S/W Development for the Analysis of EMI/EMC and RCS, 2016.06.01~2017.05.31 (1 year), principal role , Small and Medium Business Administration(SMBA)

[7] A study on performance enhancement for target identification of passive radar using sparse recovery of multi-frequency channel signals, 2016.06.01~2018.05.31(2 years), principal role, National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF)

[8] A study on target signature and classification of low frequency radar band for air targets with low RCS, 2012.09.01~2017.12.31(6 years), participating role, DAPA/ADD

[9] A study on the recognition of stealth-like targets using both low frequency signal and bistatic radar, 2012.05.01~2015.04.30(3 years), principal role, National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF)

[10] Frequency reuse technique for ocean surface radar, 2012.06.16~2012.12.31, principal role, ETRI

[11] A study on the enhancement of target recognition rate using Ultra-wide band(UWB) Bistatic radar signals, 2011.03.01~2012.02.28, principal role, Regional Innovation Center(RIC)

[12] Basic research on signal processing for development of automotive radar, 2010.11.01~2011.02.28, participating role, SL Co.

[13]  A Study on the performance improvement of radar target recognition using UWB radar signals, 2009.05.01~2012.04.30, principal role, National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF)

[14] A Study on Frequency Allocation Policy in accordance with a Global Age, 2007.04.01~2007.11.30, participating role, Korea Radio Promotion Association(RAPA)

[15] Development of Real-Time Location System(RTLS) RFID using high-resolution direction finding method, 2007.07.01~2007.12.21, participating role, Small and Medium Business administration(SMBA)





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