Radar,  RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification), Wireless Communication etc.


 Alumni (Ph.D.)




Seung-Jae Lee(Job: MTG Co.)

(Dissertation Topic : Radar target classification using feature vector fusion based on resonance frequency and waveform structure)



Young-Jae Choi (Job: Hanwha system Co.)

(Dissertation Topic : A study on the feature extraction of the target motion using a continuous wave radar)




 Alumni (M.S.)


Sung-Jun Lee(Job: Soletop Co.)

(Thesis topic : Performance comparison and analysis for radar target classification of Monostatic and Bistatic RCS)




Seung-Jae Lee(Job: MTG Co.)

(Thesis topic : Performance improvement of radar target recognition using combining of multistatic feature vectors)




Se-Hoon Park(Job: Hanwha system Co.)

(Thesis topic : RCS Analysis and performance Comparison of Target Recognition for L-band Radar)





Chi-Hwan Park(Job: Anycasting Co.)

(Thesis topic : Performance Comparison of Data Compression and Correlative Target Recognition for Radar Structure)





Se-Ha Im

(Thesis topic : A Study on RCS Calculation and Comparison for UHF/VHF/HF Band)





Hyeok-Jun Kwon(Job: Hanwha system Co.)

(Thesis topic : A Study on Acceleration of High Frequency Scattering Analysis Method Using Parallel Processing on CPU)





Jong-Sung Jung(Job: Gedis Co.)

 (Thesis topic : A Study on Acceleration of NEC-2 Moment Method Code Using Parallel Processing Method)





Young-Jae Choi (Job: Hanwha system Co.)

(Thesis topic : A Study Acceleration of Scattering Center Extraction Using DROP Algorithm)





Yu-Jin Kim(Job : AM Telecom.CO.)

(Thesis topic : Multi-target separation and classification in the mixed situation of warheads and decoys)









In-Ha Kim(Job: HURA Co. )

(Thesis topic : A Study on Two-Level Feature Vector Fusion Method for Performance Enhancement of Radar Target Classification)





Seung-Hwan Sel (JOB: dSPACE Kore Co.)

(Thesis topic : A Study on the Classification of Warhead and Decoy using Convolutional Neural Networks)





Yong-Bin Kim(Job: DS Navcours Co.)

(Thesis topic : A Study on Measurement and State Classification of Wind Turbine Blade Using Doppler Radar)














Seul-Ki Choi

















 Alumni (B.S.)



Sang-Hoon Han(Job: Army sergeant first class)





Ki-Cheol Jeon






Kyung-Man Hyun(Job: Hitronix Co.)




Young-Bum Kim(Job: Charm Engineering Co.)









Chang-Hee You(Job: iviS Co.)










Young-Min Kim










Jin-Woo Bae







Yong-Min Kim(Job: HURA Co. )

















Eung-Bin Kim(Job: Sencorpia Co.)





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